As the weekend approaches I am already thinking of ways to relax as well as combat any stressful situations next week. II photo via @bluebirdkisses

Strength in Imperfections

Growth is a funny thing.
I found that the more I tried to admit that I was growing. The more growing I needed to actually do.
There have been a lot of instances this pass year and a half when someone affected me personally whether positively or negatively.
The struggle has been figuring out which one it was becoming.

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    Changes in steps

    And then it made sense.
    It was never about the home the materials the land…it was about the ability to have my house be a home.
    To see my siblings run happily around my home and want to come back. To know that we would make memories here . Memories that would last the rest of their lives.
    It was never about the address.  It was about my family.

    The Unopened Door


    I walked to the restaurant from the repair shop. I usually hate doing this walk, but I needed a second to clear my mind. The sign said 7:30 am.
    I looked at my watch. 7:10. Nope, not quite. I awkwardly looked around hoping to find something to do that wouldn’t be too weird if someone walked by.

    I went over to the tables and chairs outside. Too wet.
    So I tried to lean on the bench of flowers. Too prickly.
    I thought maybe I could just stand here, but the mosquitoes hadn’t quite disappeared yet, so it was very uncomfortable. Constant biting.

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