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    Wondering How to Survive Your First 90 Days at a New Job?  

      Starting a new job can be both extremely exciting and incredibly daunting. Anxiety usually sets in when you think about new colleagues, new environment and new ways of working. However, you probably can’t wait to get started, take on new challenges and make a significant difference with your set of skills. But, the first 90 days of a new job is almost like the honeymoon period. There is a huge opportunity for you to influence the business, cement your place in your team and express your ability to make positive contributions. But, there is also room for you to become an outcast if you don’t immerse yourself in the…

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    How To Beat The Odds As A Startup

    New ventures often have to take-on several risks. In fact, choosing to start a new business in a relatively new industry with the hope of serving new customers is a risk in itself. If a start-up entrepreneur attempts to eliminate them all, the product/service might never get to the market. The key question is “What’s the most significant uncertainty?” Answering this question will lead to three broad but inclusive categories: deal killer risks, path-dependent risks, and easy win or high ROI risks. Deal killer risks: As it can be insinuated from the name, these are uncertainties that if left unresolved could undermine the entire venture. They often take the form…

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    Top 5 fixes for Procrastination

    Procrastination is a serious problem that can adversely hinder our professional and personal lives. There are numerous people with great talent and ability who have effectively thrown it all away simply because they could not be bothered to finish projects on time, set schedules or involve themselves in unpleasant tasks. So many talented people waste their precious time performing irrelevant tasks subconsciously hoping that their mountain of problems will wash away. An endeavor with a high mark on the scale of pointlessness. Problems, especially in the workplace, do not just float away; the mountain does not come to Muhammed instead the problem finds itself on your coworker’s desk. This coworker…

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    Managing Generations – Becoming A Young Manager

    As a young adult, getting promoted to the position of a manager or getting a new job as a manager is set to take your career to a greater height. However, the usual challenge in the millennium is that more old people are in the offices than millennial adults.  So the new manager usually ends up in charge of a team of individuals who are at least a decade older than him or her. The challenge is, how does s/he earn their respect. As a manager, you’re certainly responsible for your team’s productivity. If you don’t lead well, your team won’t meet demands, and your superior will blame you, not…

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