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    Top 5 fixes for Procrastination

    Procrastination is a serious problem that can adversely hinder our professional and personal lives. There are numerous people with great talent and ability who have effectively thrown it all away simply because they could not be bothered to finish projects on time, set schedules or involve themselves in unpleasant tasks. So many talented people waste their precious time performing irrelevant tasks subconsciously hoping that their mountain of problems will wash away. An endeavor with a high mark on the scale of pointlessness. Problems, especially in the workplace, do not just float away; the mountain does not come to Muhammed instead the problem finds itself on your coworker’s desk. This coworker…

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    Why Quick Fixes Don’t Work In Personal Development

    Have you ever desired simple solutions to hard problems? Have you ever found yourself secretly looking for magic formulas on how to attain success and glory without trying too hard? If the answer is yes, you must have come to the harsh realization that no magic recipes on how to be successful are in existence. Furthermore, most problems don’t have simple resolutions or fast fixes. In fact, quick fixes usually never work and might even go horrendously wrong sometimes. This applies to all manner of problems, including a very important one- personal development. Personal Development is as important as it is difficult, and the process of improving on ourselves is…

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