Top 5 fixes for Procrastination

Procrastination is a serious problem that can adversely hinder our professional and personal lives. There are numerous people with great talent and ability who have effectively thrown it all away simply because they could not be bothered to finish projects on time, set schedules or involve themselves in unpleasant tasks.

So many talented people waste their precious time performing irrelevant tasks subconsciously hoping that their mountain of problems will wash away. An endeavor with a high mark on the scale of pointlessness. Problems, especially in the workplace, do not just float away; the mountain does not come to Muhammed instead the problem finds itself on your coworker’s desk. This coworker bears the tedium, finishes the work and eventually gets a promotion over you, the “smarter one”.

Professional procrastinators usually engage in this non rewarding practice when projects appear overwhelming, complex, tedious, unpleasant, for sympathy or as an opportunity to delegate work. Psychologists have also unearthed some root causes which include a fear of failure, ironically a fear of success, resentment, childhood traumas, avoidance of confrontation and risk-taking and the comfort of familiarity.

It should be glaringly obvious to anyone with the desire to take their professional and personal development to the highest possible level that this is a problem that needs to tackle head-on(a concept the procrastinator has unfortunately never heard of) but here are five sure tips guaranteed to keep you on track:

Parcel Out Your Big projects

Resist from cowering in fear every time a seemingly gargantuan project appears on your desk. Instead, break this projects into bits and pieces that can be completed at short intervals. You have free 15 minutes before lunch, why not start your work then? 10 minutes before a meeting, move on to page 4 of the report. Do you see where I’m going with this, as little drops of water make a mighty ocean so also do little bits of work complete a project. Realise this if you never even start you will NEVER finish.

Force It

No matter how unpleasant a task is if you have to do it, you have to do it. There’s no getting around it or running away from it if someone has given you that duty it has to be done. Force yourself to do it. Sure you might procrastinate a bit to get mentally prepared for any unpleasantness, but please put a time cap on this. Don’t waste ten days trying to make for the unpleasantness of 4 minutes. Push yourself to do it and get it over with; there’s no running away from your problems so why not just face it head on?

Adopt A No Reward Policy

Inhaling a soothing cup of coffee, watching an episode of your favorite show when you are keenly aware of pending work on your desk are you rewarding yourself for mediocrity. If you’re not ready to do the work, lock yourself in your office and observe yourself not doing any of the things you’re supposed to be doing. Yes, it’s self-flagellation, but it works.

Reward Yourself

If you did it and you did it well, nobody can take that feeling away from you. It’s your hard work so feel free to watch that game, read a book and gossip with your best friend. You deserve it.

Be Positive

Stop being a victim today, stop feeling like things are happening to you and instead make things happen. Speak your hard work into existence instead of saying “I should” say “I want,” tell yourself you’re starting today and try to compartmentalize your job.


No matter how big the mountain you can move it if you’d only just start.