Why Quick Fixes Don’t Work In Personal Development

Have you ever desired simple solutions to hard problems? Have you ever found yourself secretly looking for magic formulas on how to attain success and glory without trying too hard? If the answer is yes, you must have come to the harsh realization that no magic recipes on how to be successful are in existence. Furthermore, most problems don’t have simple resolutions or fast fixes. In fact, quick fixes usually never work and might even go horrendously wrong sometimes.

This applies to all manner of problems, including a very important one- personal development. Personal Development is as important as it is difficult, and the process of improving on ourselves is a lengthy and unceasing one. We have to put in time, steadfastness, and a lot of self-discipline. There are no shortcuts or short fixes involved.

People have opined that searching for the fastest and most effortless way to achieve our goals is part of human nature, so don’t blame yourself if you’re guilty of this. We go in search of books, checklists, DVDs, and other items that are meant to fix all our problems overnight. The reality of it is that most things don’t operate that way.

Quick fixes are not effective, and shortcuts have never been proven to be viable when it comes to being efficacious in personal development, work, relationships, or any other essential part of life you can think of.

If you make to make a change that’s genuinely positive in your life and you want it last for life, it will take time. Here’s why:

Specific Endeavors Need Constant Monotonous Tactics Before They Can Become Effective-

You can only get long-lasting and satisfactory results if you work on your goals at a slow and steady pace. Activities like crash cramming, crash dieting, blitzing or bombarding (common quick fixes) will only wreck your efforts in the end. If you plan to have successful relationships, or if you want to shed all that extra weight for good, you need to have it in mind that you will be working towards it for an extended period. If you want to lose an amount of weight, for example, you can’t expect to do so by eating well for just one day. What you need to do is put a plan into place whereby you only take in and burn up an established amount of caries regularly. Then you would begin to see positive results over time.


You Need 21 Days Or More Of Unfailing Effort for A New Habit To Become Entrenched-

If you are trying to alter an old- usually bad- habit or instigate a new and better one, it requires at least 21 days of consistent, repetitive behavior for it to take root. If it is an addiction, you would need as long as 35 days, or more. No quick fix ‘s been invented which can correct bad habits.


You Need A Lot Of Devotion And Hard Work

The hard truth is that it is never easy to remain motivated. This is why, as mentioned earlier, people look for quick fixes instead of facing their problems head-on.

In a bid to attain any form of personal development, a lot of time, hard work, and endless devotion is needed. Once you acknowledge this, improving and developing oneself would become more effective, and you would end up saving yourself a lot of time and distress.