Mastermind Party

Hey! You’re invited to a small dinner party with your Think Big Little Rock Committee Members on Friday, September 15th, 2017. Details below!

What We’ll Eat
We’ll order food in for a casual (late) dinner. Cuisine is from A.W. Lins OR Zangna Thai Cuisine (TBD) includes vegetarian plates. If you have allergies or strict dietary requirements please let us know.

What To Bring
Nothing! Just come hang out…but an inexpensive bottle of wine would be nice or something else you’d drink.

Where To Go
2010 Rebsamen Park RD Door B4
Friday, September 15th
Arrive at 7pm sharp. There is no “fashionably late” — aim to arrive a few minutes early.

What is Going To Happen

  1. Once everybody arrives, we do a round of introductions with a “best of” recommendation. Something you are either really excited about, or a new discovery (app, device, website, book, etc).
  2. Then we do a mini-mastermind. Each person has 4 or 5 minutes to get feedback on whatever topic they want. Can be a question, opportunity, challenge, etc.
  3. You can ask for help/feedback on workplace issues, personal relationship questions, business strategy, life changes, etc.
  4. At 9:30, the dinner is over. Everyone goes home with new ideas + new connections and time to rest so we can work hard the next day.

Pro tip: The more concise you can present your topic, the more time you can get feedback from the group!
Half way, after the mini-mastermind, we’ll break for a casual dinner that we provide.